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Res-Vitae 500mg capsules - 60 ct

Res-Vitae 500mg capsules - 60 ct

Quick Muscadine Facts:
- 40x Antioxidant Potency of Standard Grapes
- 6x Resveratrol Content of Standard Grapes
- Naturally Anti-Inflammatory
- Only Grape with Ellagic Acid (cancer inhibitor)
- 100% Muscadine Skin and Seed Pomace
- No Pesticides or Herbicides
- Documented Testimonies over 13 years
Size 60
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Res-Vitae contains 100% whole food muscadine (vitis rotundifolia) pomace, skins, and seeds with no fillers, pesticides or herbicides. Muscadines are nature’s number one source for resveratrol and 100 other antioxidants. They also have 40 times the antioxidant power of standard grapes, 6 times their resveratrol, and are naturally resistant to plant viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
Grapes and wine containing resveratrol have been well studied and have been credited for longevity and heart health despite a diet high in saturated fats among the French (French Paradox). Resveratrol’s many benefits have been featured on 60 Minutes and Dr. Oz. Also, Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard University) has recently sold his resveratrol based pharmaceutical company to Glaxo Smith Kline for 3/4 of a billion dollars. This amazing phytochemical is gaining world wide attention, and with good cause.
SINCE 1997
Res-Vitae has been in production since 1997 and has benefited ten’s of thousands of people with it’s many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Res-Vitae has been on the market long before the increase of other trendy “fountain of youth” products. We have seen many lives changed and it has been our absolute delight to be a part of helping so many people “feel good and live long.”
At Res-Vitae, we not only want our clients, friends, and neighbors to benefit from resveratrol, but even more so from the superior spectrum of antioxidant power found in whole grape muscadine skin and seeds. We didn’t synthesize one compound or mess with nature, we just made it’s whole power more available. Antioxidants in Res-Vitae work synergistically in many different bodily systems to go beyond just resveratrol to help reduce systemic inflammation, fight carcinogens, and help improve cardiovascular health (see Testimonials). So, if resveratrol is outstanding, then resveratrol, quercetin, and ellagic acid are magnificent. Res-Vitae’s proprietary blend of muscadine skin and seeds contains over 100 antioxidant rich polyphenols that all work together in perfect natural harmony for your health and longevity.
Anyone who is experiencing the effects of aging, oxidation, and inflammation due to poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking, and excessive stress. Anyone who has lost that alert mental acuity, experiences constant tiredness and is at risk for degenerative diseases (cancer, arthritis, type II diabetes). Anyone that wants to increase their overall immune system, fight against oxidation, feel good and live long. Res-Vitae is for you.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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